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Nov 25, 2020

Day 110 and we speak to David under the eaves in his apartment in Paris, France. 

France, as has many parts of Europe, just this week gone back into strict lockdown as Winter approaches and at this sad time we revisit the heavy lockdown that Paris experienced bordering one of the worst affected countries, Italy, at the beginning of the pandemic.

* we talk about the changes to French society, owning Paris streets and skipping those kisses! 

* Living alone during the Pandemic: David talks beautifully about choosing to move in with his best friend and making the lockdown an adventure together - and the delicious food resulted! 

* as an American who is long time France resident he speaks very movingly about wrestling with trying to explain to his French friends how differently this is playing out in the US..and how it has become a political issue not one of public health. Something so pertinent on the eve of the election! 


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