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Nov 3, 2020

Day 163 and we speak to creator and podcaster Lenni in her uber-insulated bathroom she podcasts from in Downtown LA in the US.
Today we meet the first of our podcasters in the POD2POD series. 
I met Lenni at the very beginning of my journey into podding here in LA and I cannot be more thankful for her wise words at this time.
The 2020 Black Lives Matter protests initially sparked by the murder of George Floyd quickly spread across the nation from June 2020 and worldwide - in what was an unprecedented scale of civil protest and what is now being called the largest protest movement in US history.
Lenni and I spoke back in August as the protests began to die down and we shared a desire to keep this action in people's hearts and minds.
She shares intimate observations and feelings of the protests from her vantage point in Downtown LA and spoke incredibly openly about what this time has sparked in her and what this says about the broader picture of growing up as a young black woman in America. 
Inevitably conversation turned to the election and the political upheaval in the US which led me to think today, November 3 - the last day of the vote - would be the right time to hear Lenni's powerful words. 
You can find Lenni, her thought provoking podcast and more about her work here below - follow on her instas for the launch of her new shows launching in 2021.
Tub in the Bedroom Podcast:
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