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Sep 30, 2020

Season 1 wraps with 13 beautiful snippets of human life.

SO..what are we going to do next? Exciting times - we are going into the FUTURE! 

Also intro-ing my amazing new show sponsor - web transcriber tool:

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Sep 29, 2020

Day 59 and we speak to counsellor Helen in her lounge in Liverpool. 
As UK goes back into lockdown as winter approaches we revisit lockdown first time around when people were midway through and finding their rhythm.
 Helen's Scottish lilt brings with it fascinating little pieces of social history in Glasgow

Sep 17, 2020

Day 35 we speak to Kate Winter, children's illustrator and writer, in her shed studio in Cambridge, England. 

It was early days when we spoke, and it was all about how to create rhythm out of the emotional chaos of the beginning of lockdown when strict lockdown was in place but before the UK descended into a mess of...

Sep 8, 2020

Day 58 we speak to Liane at her desk in Wellington, New Zealand - although its June, its getting cold, the cusp of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

She talks about the fascinating details of Prime Minister Jacinda Adern's leadership during the crisis. New Zealand's Covid response and management and government support...