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Jun 30, 2020

Week 17 - Today we speak to Bec perched on the floor in the dead of night in Shanghai, China. 

As a journalist she talks about how the lockdown in China also brought with it an intense period of work reporting on the unfolding of the Coronavirus story.

The unique challenges of working with kids at home, feelings working...

Jun 26, 2020

Day 40 Lisbon, Portugal.

Today we speak to Lissanthea at her borrowed dining table in Lisbon.

Having flown out three months ago she is still on the road travelling until the country she calls home opens its borders again.

She talks about what happens to weddings during lockdown and what a great preparation for marriage...

Jun 23, 2020

Day 14 Cambridge, UK

The very first interview of the series, when in lockdown everyone was just beginning to find their feet.

Today we speak to Jana in the study where she writes, in Cambridge.

What is it like to live completely alone during lockdown? What do you miss? What becomes yet move vivid in the quiet?


Jun 15, 2020

Week 9

Today we speak to Ian in Manchester, England

He talks about about the Clap for Carers that has happened during lockdown every Thursday night at 8pm for frontline workers and the UK's National Health Service and tonight it ends. He talks about the challenges of caring for elderly parents at this time, what it...

Jun 12, 2020

Day 84 Hong Kong

Today we speak to Anne in her bedroom in Hong Kong surrounded by graffiti posters.

We talk about the stark differences between people's approach to Coronavirus in 'West' and 'East', about resilience among students graduating during Covid and the miles of untouched nature in Hong Kong, where 40% of its...