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Aug 12, 2020

Season 2 opens with one of my favourite episodes.

Day 105 Sydney, Day 0 Melbourne - as Melbourne locked down suddenly again in a second wave - we speak to artist Belinda as she gazes out onto Sydney Harbour the night that Melbourne locked down.

She talks about the arts community in Australia in lockdown and the Sydney Biennale, the first time it has been curated by an Indigenous artist Brook Andrew - turned on its head at the very last minute as it coincided with lockdown.

She talks about what happens to an artist's practice under stress, nurturing in a crisis and grieving and celebrating her father who died during the lockdown when gatherings were not permitted.

She covers the fascinating changes happening in Australian society across states and the seen and unseen in all our lives that the pandemic will bring to light.

You can follow Belinda and her work @belinda_brighthouse on instagram and at

This episode was recorded on 8 July 2020.

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